Current Affairs And UPSC – An Important Link

September 12, 2019 Off By Tita

Need For Learning Current Events To Crack UPSC 

The UPSC is considered as the mother of all exams that are conducted in the country. As a beginner, you may be unaware of the demands of the civil service examination. But, remember that learning the effective strategies of preparation is the first step towards reaching your goal. The most common question that many aspirants ask is whether civil service coaching is necessary?

Contribution of coaching institutes

Joining the best IAS coaching institute is an expensive affair. Moreover, candidates with financial deficits may not be able to afford the fees charged by these academies. But the best part is these coaching institutions offer different packages for the students considering their affordability.

 You also need to keep in mind that the professors in the coaching institutes can only help you in the process of preparation. They cannot guarantee you a top rank in the examination. You can gather information about the Top 10 IAS Academy by browsing on relevant websites.

Are you aware?

Every aspirant preparing for the UPSC examinations should understand the significance of Current Affairs. It is one of the most crucial parts of all three stages of the civil service examination. Most of the questions in the Prelims and Mains is drafted around the current happenings in the world. Some candidates appearing for this exam do not take the Prelims as seriously as they should. And, they make the mistake of writing the first qualifying stage as a trial.

Avoid misconceptions

If you have decided to become a civil servant, then you need to dedicate yourself to the exam. The preliminary stage consists of multiple-choice questions. Hence, most of you think that it is easy to qualify for the first stage of the civil service examinations. But, this is a misconception that most candidates have. The truth is that even the prelims are conducted to test the in-depth knowledge of the students.

Master the field

The importance of current affairs in the UPSC examination is substantial. You may get some direct questions from the contemporary and modern world affairs in the preliminary stage. But, you may not get any static questions around current issues in the Mains exam. By this, the examiner checks whether you can correlate your conventional knowledge with the current affairs.

If you want to achieve a significant rank in the CSE, then you need to have a strong grip on the current affairs. Candidates appearing for the exam should be aware of all the vital events happening across the globe. It is one of the best ways to crack the examination and attain the desired results.

Some effective ways

There are some excellent ways through which you can master in the field of current affairs. Indeed, you cannot learn everything under the sun. Hence, you need to strategize your preparation. Trying to memorize everything that you find in front of you will take you to know where. To crack the exam, hard work is not enough. You need to do smart, hard work without burdening yourself.

The best way to learn something new every day is by reading magazines and newspapers. It is one of the traditional and most effective ways that have helped UPSC toppers to prepare for the examination. By reading the newspaper, you can even learn new words and will be able to improve your skills of writing essay type answers in the Mains examination.

Basic strategies

Reading the newspaper does not mean you need to learn all the twenty pages by heart. There is a trick that you must follow so that you cover up the necessary fields and events occurring around the world. Make sure that you make notes of all the important details that you read. When you have hard copies of the significant events that you come across will help in the revision process.

Internet at your service

Knowing national and international happenings is an essential part of the overall preparation. Keeping a track on science and technology, the development of vaccines, polity, and defense deals are crucial.

Moreover, your knowledge should not be limited to the newspaper and IAS magazines. You can use the internet to write mock test papers and find quality study materials for your civil service examination. Appearing for online tests is a brilliant way to test your preparation as well as analyze the fields that still require preparation.