Reasons Why this is the Perfect Time for Parents to Commit to Homeschooling their Kids

December 8, 2020 Off By Tita

As the coronavirus rages on, there is no doubt we are in for a lengthy period under lockdown. And as schools and businesses have been forced to close down, the only alternative that sounds ideal for education is homeschooling.

Homeschooling, or alternatively called home education, simply means educating your children at home or a variety of places other than school, not excluding online education. The tutor can be you the parent, an online teacher or a private teacher.

The term emerged from a criticism of the formal education by John Holts in the 1970s. He argued for a less detrimental and oppressive educational system through his newsletter “Growing Without Schooling”. This led to the birth of homeschooling.

As there is no formal school, to begin within this period, parents should commit to homeschooling their kids. There are digital tools and apps on Homeschool Tracker that can help with flexible record keeping, planning, as well as reporting online.

If you are still wondering, as a parent, why homeschooling is important this period, here are five reasons.

Schools on Lockdown

We don’t have to pretend this is not one of the major reasons homeschooling is important this period. With the virus striking hard, forcing everything on lockdown, homeschooling presents an alternative for the continuity of your child’s education. It is saying education does not stop at the four walls of a classroom.

Fewer Crowds, More Flexibility

It is as simple as that. Since your children will be educated at home, you won’t have to worry about their getting infected by the virus. Also, homeschooling has been proven to lead to increased flexibility in comparison to traditional schooling. This is due in part to the capacity to choose what your children learn, where they learn it from and how they go about learning it.

Cost-effective, More Options

The virus hit with job losses and business closure. The reason homeschooling seems a better option to commit your kids due to its cost-effectiveness. You pay less to get more. There is a variety of learning programmes to choose from at an affordable price. You may also be subject to discounts and other financial aids. This seems the right choice if you are looking for better budget management.

Accessibility, Learning Experience

Almost everyone is into this home education or that home education. The popularity gains ground each day as parents tend to fast-track their children’s education. If this is what everyone is doing, could they have been doing it wrong? Everyone cannot be wrong, as shown by the accessibility and learning experience of homeschooling. While it allows your children to gain access to a variety of learning resources like photos, videos and eBooks, they also enjoy a custom learning experience.

Final thoughts

These are only a few reasons why this is the perfect time to commit to homeschooling your kids. Some reasons apply to you and some don’t. Find the perfect platform to commit to the learning of your kids, stay organized with the right digital tools and celebrate the non-traditional learning experiences.